Sunday, April 27, 2008

Ch. 24 Homework

Section 1
1. Megalopolis: A "super city" that is made up of several large and small cities as the area between Boston and Washington D.C.
jati: in traditional Hindu society, a social group that defines a family's occupation and social standing.
2. I think that the diversity has been a problem in south Asia. It has been a problem because even in with the groups that get along they still don't prosper and those that don't get along obviously don't so it can't be a good thing.
3. Life in south Asia would be very difficult if the population growth and the urbanization trends stay the same. Some problems would be there would be mass overcrowding, not enough food, not enough medical attention for people, and diseases.

Section 2
4. Dharma: in Hinduism, a person's moral duty, based on class distinction, which guides his or her life.
karma: in Hindu belief, the sum of good and bad actions in one's present and past lives.
reincarnation: in Hindu belief, being reborn repeatedly in different forms, until one has overcome earthly desires.
5. Both Hinduism and Buddhism are religions, but Hinduism is a way of life were as Buddhism is just a way to get to happiness.
6. Some countries used to be the same but because of ethnic diversity the are now two different countries. One example is Bangladesh and Pakistan and how it used to be East and West Pakistan but is now Pakistan and Bangladesh because of Muslims and Hindus.

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