Sunday, April 27, 2008

Ch. 26 Homework

Section 1
1. Archipelago: a group or chain of islands.
tsunami: Japanese term used for a huge sea wave caused by an undersea earthquake.
2. East Asia's coastal, island, and peninsula areas are the same because they all lay in the same general spot; the ring of fire. The areas inland are different from those on the coast because they have more mountains and rugged land.
3. I think that if they keep on using their resources the way that they are then eventually they will run out and when a major source is fish and they eat that alot it will cause starvation.

Section 2
4. Monsoon: in Asia, seasonal wind that brings warm, moist air in summer and cold, dry air from inland in winter.
Japan Current: a warm-water ocean current that adds moisture to the winter monsoons.
typhoon: a violent tropical storm that forms in the Pacific Ocean, usually in late summer.
5. Mongolia is better suited for herding because it has lush grassland to feed its herds.
6. Warm ocean currents flow around East Asia causing typhoons which cause it ti have the climate that it does.Global Warming could cause more severe natural disasters such as typhoons and tsunamis.

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