Sunday, May 11, 2008

Ch. 29 Homework

Section 1

1. Definitions:Cordillera: two mountain ranges that are parallel to each other.Archipelago: a chain of closely packed islands.Insular: a name for the island countries in South-East Asia.

2. In South Asia, people rely on rivers and waterways for transportation. If goods and materials can be transported, so can culture and people.

3. Most of South Asia's economy depends on the ocean. Since Laos has no access to the water, they are at a greater economical disadvantage. To solve this problem, Laos can develop a new source of economy, like timber or mining.

Section 2

4. Definitions:Endemic: a term for an organism that comes originally from a specific area.Deciduous: a type of tree that has broad leaves and loses its leaves in a certain season.

5. Areas with monsoons, take the Indochina Peninsula for example, have wet and dry cycles. The dry cycle, a period of arid weather, extends for about half the year and then the wet cycle, a period of massive rainfall, continues for the latter half. The people that live in this area constantly have to be prepared for the shift in weather.

6. During the Vietnam war, the VietCong would use guerilla warfare. They would hide in the dense tropical jungle and fire at the American soldiers passing by. Also, the VietCong would use the jungle itself as a trap.

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