Sunday, May 18, 2008

Ch.30 Homework

Section 1

1.Definitions:Urbanization: process of moving from the countryside to a city. (rural to urban)Primate City: a big city that has all the services that people need.

2. People migrated to the South-East Asia region because of trade. Non-native people from Europe and the Middle East came to the region to trade. As they were there, cultures were adopted, and Europeans and Arabs brought back South-Eastern Asia cultures to their homes.

3. Indonesia and other countries have slowed population growth to:
1) avoid depleting resources and
2) create more opportunities for the future generation. I think that China should join this movement because they have way too many people.

Section 2

4.Definitions:Maritime: a kingdom that got power through sea trade.Sphere of Influence: Areas that two countries must agree on before one country controls it.Buffer State: an area between two countries that is deemed neutral.

5. This region's first three empires are: Funan, Khmer and Srivijaya Empires. The Funan and Srivijaya Empires were alike because they were maritimes. The Khmer and Funan are alike because they had amazing agricultural systems. The empire that's different from the others is the Khmer, because it has the Angkor Wat.

6. The Sunda and Malacca Straits were important because they linked South-East Asia to Africa. Four cities that benefitted from this were: Malaaca, Penang, the Funan Empire, and the Srivijaya Empire.

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